The Janion

1610 Store Street, Victoria BC

Residential & Heritage

Completed 2016

Reliance Properties

Merrick Architecture

"The design of the addition employs a contemporary architectural expression - in harmony with, but purposely set apart from the Janion's heritage character. This distinct difference in aesthetic highlights the material, detail and construction differences between the old and new building eras; in the old, thick mass walls where door and window openings are "punched" in to the structure as opposed to in the new, a structural frame and slab system, clad with a brick veneer skin and infill glazing. The addition is also separated from the existing building by way of a two-storey high breezeway with a glazed "bridge" element over. The "bridge" is well set back from the face of the new and old buildings, enhancing the detached appearance." - Darryl Jonas, B.E.D.S., M. Arch., NZCD (ARCH.), Architect AIBC